Commercial Interiors
Creating interior spaces for us, is more than just a fit out!


Creating spaces

From concept to completion we are your single point of contact throughout the journey

We shape and influence the building but the building shapes us

Good design and space planning has a direct correlation with our own wellbeing and mental health

The spaces we visit, work and spend most of our time in, need to enhance our senses and provide the backdrop and environment to promote a welcoming enhancing embracing experience

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When creating spaces it is important to consider the state of mind of the person in the space

Calm – a state of relaxation where you are able to interact effectively with the environment.

Focus – able to concentrate on the details of where you are and embrace the space around you

Simplicity – can easily comprehend what the space is creating

Attention – receptive to a stimulating surrounding

Harrison Barnes strives to deliver creative and mindful interior architectural design.  Our experience covers a wide range of design aspects from a single theme room through to store designs, commercial offices and showroom remodelling.